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Times certainly have changed. Our world has moved from a labor-based global economy to one dependent on the education and knowledge of those in the world-wide workforce. As a result we are seeing higher expectations put on our students in the classroom. Some of these students throughout the world find this change challenging, and potentially face struggles as a result.

It is our responsibility to equip these young people with the tools to be able to face this ever-evolving, technology based global economy. But how? Here’s a great example of a company committed to just this:

Deloitte21 is a Deloitte’s global initiative that helps underserved young people receive the tools and skills they need in order to thrive in this 21st century economy. Deloitte believes that a good education and skills set are the keys to unlocking potential in these students which will allow them to succeed in the future. Deloitte leaders are joining together to take part in Deloitte21 through these primary channels:

  • Advocacy: Advancing knowledge, policy, and thought leadership on skills-building for underserved populations in developing and developed countries
  • Leadership: Providing Deloitte member firm people with opportunities to lead and engage young people through volunteerism and pro bono work
  • Innovation: Investing in innovative ideas and programs to support and help to scale up

Check out this great video which explains the importance of an initiative like this:

I think this is so inspiring. What a wonderful way to see the future of our world grow and prepare our future leaders and innovators. For more information check out the Deloitte 21 Blog.


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