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Skills Gap? Why unemployment remains high despite available jobs

12.5 million Americans are currently unemployed. But there are also a record number of jobs that need to be filled. What’s the disconnect?

Bill Eggers is the Director of Public Sector Research for Deloitte. He’s compiled a new report that looks at the problem, “Brawn from Brains, Talent Policy and the Future of American Competitiveness.”

Skills Mis-Match: “There is a mis-match between the talent that employers need and the talent we have,” said Eggers, “even blue collar jobs like auto mechanics are becoming highly automated and require a lot of skill, skills that most people don’t have.”

Big Issue: “Skills we learn in high school and college are rapidly becoming obsolete. You have to basically retrain and re-skill an entire workforce on a regular basis, right now we don’t know how to do that,” said Eggers.

Next Steps – Government’s Role: “We need to reframe almost every policy to ask the question will this enhance or detract from our talent competitiveness,” said Eggers, “this should be a zero sum game that both political parties should be able to get behind.”

In the last year the United States has fallen from the most competitive nation in the world to the 7th.

One of the big ways to reverse the trend is to retain the immigrant workers who come to America to attend universities,” said Eggers

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