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So Much To Be Thankful For!

Every year on Thanksgiving, my family and I go around the table and share what we are thankful for. As a teenager, I though this “so uncool.” Nowadays, I look forward to it.
The fall is a crazy time of year, especially when the holidays come around. It’s easy to get wound up in the stress of traveling, cooking, and holiday shopping, but for one day, we can all eat amazing food and reflect on what we are truly thankful for.
This year I am thankful for many things. Especially the fact that I have some time off and gracious parents who are flying me down to our house in Perdido Key, Florida. Thanksgiving at the beach!
Ok, but in all seriousness, here is my list. Thankful for:
-Living in Washington D.C. – The move I made to this city was incredibly daunting. Obviously, going from a small college town to the most powerful city in the world can be overwhelming, but I have found that D.C is a beautiful city full of history and treasures. I love living here and I’m thankful for being able to live here.
-My friends. You can’t beat an awesome friend. Since moving, my friends, old and new, have been my constant support system. (i’m also thankful for Skype for allowing me to see them whenever I want!)
-My family. I must say the older I get, the more I appreciate my family. They are incredible people who want the best for me. They are always loving and supportive, and are always there.
-My alma mater. Those of you who know me know I’m a huge college football fan and an Auburn fanatic. (Apologies for those who have to hear my banter on a daily basis) But there’s a reason why I love it so much. Auburn’s creed says it all and if you’ve never read or heard it, I highly suggest you check it out. I’m thankful for the education I received during my 4 years, the friendships I made, and the experiences I had. I’m forever indebted to my Auburn Family.
-My Internship! I have loved every minute of my experience here at GovLoop headquarters! My co-workers are the creme-de-la-creme and our work environment is unbeatable. I love the ability to connect with people and write for GovLoop.
-GovLoop! Man, what a fabulous network. You all make me smile with your kindness and intelligence. I love reading what govloopers post and seeing the incredible engagements that take place on this site.
-My Government-I have always had a great love for people who are public servants, but since working at GovLoop i’ve seen just how incredible you govies really are! Thank you for your service and hard work!
So if you haven’t already, take some time today to think about the many blessings in your life. Eat lots of delicious food, watch some football (Go Tigers! Beat Bama), and have a very happy Thanksgiving!

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