Social Media Game Plan for Debts, Deficit and the Economy Conference

Dear friends, we know many of you can’t come to the conference or you’ve got ADD and will be fiddling with your phone/laptop. You can still join the conversation and do something with those twitchy fingers by amplifying our live tweeting. We will also be fielding questions from twitter to pose to the panelists in real-time. We can’t wait for the conference. We have over 100 students signed up, coming from across New York State. We hope you join in the conversation!

Our game plan:

  • A PSFS member or supporter will be live-tweeting for most of Friday (minus lunch and the breakout sessions in the PM) and Saturday under our handle @OurBudgets.
  • The conference hashtag is #OurBudgetsConf
  • We plan to use these hashtags and if you know of others, tell us about them. #federalbudget, #debt, #deficits, #budget, #taxes
  • Would you help us blow up the “Debt, Deficits, and the Economy” conference and the issues that we’re going to explore in the Twitterverse? Re-tweet, reference, you know how this goes Twitheads.

What’s the point of “DDE”? It’s a two-day conference organized by Policy Students for Fiscal Sustainability (PSFS, @ourbudgets) to educate and activate us – younger people – who will have to live with the burdens of present-day fiscally questionable decisions.

What’s happening on Friday and Saturday? Please see the PSFS Press Advisory for a full schedule of events. In brief, Friday will focus on understanding debt and deficits on a national scale, as well as going deep on several related topics (like tax reform, citizen engagement, the invention of the long-term deficit, and entitlement reform). On Saturday, the conversation shifts to hearing the perspective of New York State and Syracuse City policymakers of how state and local governments are responding to fiscal challenges.

Who’s speaking? Dean Baker, Bruce Bartlett, Prof. Leonard Burman, New York State Assemblyman Bill Magnarelli, Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner, Prof. John Palmer, Vito Sciscioli, and Susan Tanaka. Please see the PSFS Press Advisory for bios and a complete summary of the conference.

Thanks so much. If you have any questions, tweet us at @pjfiorenza or @ourbudgets. Or you can do go old-school and contact Sookyung at 267-334-5918/[email protected]


Pat and Sookyung

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