The Mobile Genie is Out of the Bottle!

I just got back from another wonderful AFFIRM Luncheon for a great discussion about the changing landscape for mobility in the government workforce. The event began with insightful opening remarks from Wyatt Kash, Editorial Director for AOL Government. Kash addressed the changes that smart devices have brought to the way we connect and work and how the “Mobile genie is out of the bottle.”

Two panels of representatives from GSA, ATF, US Army, DIO, DHS, IRS, and NRC answered our questions regarding changes and challenges faced involving mobility and it’s evolution. While these agencies handle a variety of issues and services, they all have common ideas when it comes to mobility:

1. Mobile innovation is moving an incredible speed, and agencies must adapt to these changes in order to implement the most up to date mobile strategy.
2. Mobile applications are making it easier for government agencies to get work done, but to also make the lives of citizens easier as well.

3. There is a huge push to allow govies the opportunity to work from anywhere with multiple devices, both personal and government issued.

GSA’s Gwynne Kostin touched on some awesome apps that http://apps.usa.gov/ has to offer. My favorites were:

IRS2Go (Especially this time of year!)
FEMA Mobile

It’s so great to see government agencies utilizing the incredible mobile resources that are out there!

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