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So, what’s an attendee to do when they recognize a complete stranger in line for coffee at 8:30am from their Twitter profile picture? Say something like, “I think I’m following you on Twitter.” Next, proceed to connect with them on LinkedIn, comment on their blog, re-tweet their genius, and if you really hit it off, friend them on Facebook (now you’re really in the circle of trust).

Take that old school business card!

I bring up this one aspect of the conference because I personally believe Web and Gov 2.0 can change and are changing our world (one of the reasons I now work at GovLoop). Naturally, one of my favorite sessions was on the topic of How to Make an Idea Contagious presented by Hubspot Marketing’s Dan Zarrella. The overarching message of his presentation is that when implementing a social media strategy, or giving social media advice, do your research, and back up what you’re saying with science, not just warm and fuzzies. That is, you can either be a social media scientist, or a snake oil social media salesman. Get the full scoop by Dan here; and don’t ever again paint pictures of what he calls unicorns and rainbows.

Like any marketing tactic, to really build chops, you need to prove with data why you do what you do. Tools to do this pop up every day, and just like anything, merely require some elbow grease. So get busy in your lab, and don’t sell something you wouldn’t want someone to sell you.

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