10/10/10 – One Day, One Way to Get a Glimpse of Earth’s Story

When I was in elementary school, our community renovated the school’s playground. As part of the project, students and their families were asked to share items – newspaper articles, clothing, music, etc. – that would go in a time capsule, which was to be buried underneath the playground. The idea was that someone decades down the road would open it and get a glimpse of our life on earth from that moment in time.

On 10/10/10, the entire world is telling its collective story as part of an ambitious project called One Day on Earth (www.OneDayOnEarth.org). The website, which uses much of the same technology as GovLoop, is an on-line community of filmmakers, students, teachers, aid workers, and inspired citizens representing EVERY country in the world.

This entirely participatory project promises to create an accessible online time capsule and video about the beauty, triumphs, and tragedy that represents the global community during a 24 hour period. They have teamed up with the United Nations Development Programme, Red Cross, World Wildlife Fund, and over 50 other non-profits around the world to access important issues that face our global community.

We were recently introduced to the project’s Executive Producer, Brandon Litman, who was interested in collaborating with GovLoop to help gain a diverse range of perspective on issues facing governments, including local, state, federal, and international branches.

Please take a look at this project and share your perspective by filming a topic or subject important to you on 10/10/10. The subject matter is completely open

Please spread the news, especially in your international address book! Sign-up here: www.OneDayOnEarth.org

And, for information on the UN’s involvement, here is a ink to a recent press release:

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