Spies, Spooks and Cloud Computing — how do they fit together?

Cloud computing… whenever people talk about the cloud, one of the first things they bring up… yep, security. Yet the intelligence community has been at the forefront of cloud computing in many respects. Why?

Kevin Jackson is the VP at NJVC — a government contractor. He teamed up with former federal CTO Bob Gourley to make a white paper for the intelligence Community. He told Chris Dorobek on the DorobekINSIDER program why the intelligence community is actually leading the cloud computing charge.

Kevin Jackson talks with cloud computing by cdorobek

If the intelligence community is on board with cloud computing why are other agencies hesitating?

Jackson’s key quotes:

  • “From data analytics and information sharing to innovation and cost efficiencies, cloud computing’s operational significance is extremely important.”
  • “Within the IC, the decision to adopt a cloud model is focused on mission enablement and must be determined on a case-by-case basis. The evaluation of cost savings must bear in mind cost over the complete lifecycle, rather than a periodic budget cycle.” – Cloud Computing: Risks, Benefits, and Mission Enhancement for the Intelligence Community.”
Don’t miss our interview with Kevin Jackson’s partner in the IC White paper Bob Gourley: Cloud Computing and the Intelligence Community — Do they fit?

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Henry Brown

Would offer that security costs are less of an issue within the intelligence community unlike some other agencies effort to move toward the cloud. And as Curt Klun says control costs are equally important and must be considered.