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What’s the future for Gov 2.0 — is there one? The surprising look at HP’s new survey

Gov 2.0 — it was one of the biggest government buzz words a year ago…but where does Gov 2.0 stand now? Where is it going? Christina Morrison is the public sector marking manager at HP.

She sat down with Chris Dorobek to talk about the results of HP and AMD’s new Gov’t IT Professionals Survey. She told Chris why HP did this survey and what they hoped to find.

HP talks Gov 2.0 survey with Chris Dorobek by cdorobek

A few key findings:

  • The top Gov 2.0 tools being used have shifted. Today, video and multimedia sharing (53%) and government-specific social media networks (50%) are the most commonly used tools, replacing general social networks and blogs, which were the top picks in the 2010 study.
  • Security concerns are still the top barrier to the adoption of Gov 2.0 (40%), but they aren’t the only obstacle to adopting the initiatives. Lack of budget (20%) and technical expertise and ability (14%) are also standing in the way.
  • 72% of government IT professionals think that the proliferation of tablets and mobile devices has had a positive impact on their agency Positive impacts include greater freedom among agency employees to use mobile devices (61%), greater innovation (52%) and expanded adoption of Gov 2.0 technologies (48%)

Register Today! GovLoop is teaming up with HP and AMD to discuss the survey this Thursday at 2pm EST. The All-Star panelists will host a webinar where they will discuss the state of Gov 2.0. You will hear firsthand from our government and industry experts as they navigate the Gov 2.0 world and what it really means in 2012.

Speakers Include: Phil Bertollini, CIO/Deputy County Executive, Oakland County, MI
Adriel Hampton, Chief Organizer at NationBuilder, Founder of Gov 2.0 Radio
Christina Morrisson, HP
Steve Kester, AMD
Steve Ressler, GovLoop

DETAILS: When: April 26, 2012
Time: 2:00 PM EDT

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