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Don’t Fear Artificial Intelligence, Plan For It

The key is not to think of artificial intelligence as an existential threat, but rather an event we can plan for and build around.

DorobekINSIDER LIVE: Combing through Cloud Computing

A special edition of GovLoop’s DorobekINSIDER today. We’re LIVE! We meet every month with the simple idea, get smart people together and share ideas because we believe that the real power of information comes when it is shared. LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVE When does a technology fad become real? It usually starts with buzzwords likeRead… Read more »

Your Top 10 Tips for Implementing and Using the Cloud: Training Recap

These days, it seems as if everyone is talking about the cloud. Private and public sector organizations are moving their data to the cloud, seeking to gain cost savings and improve efficiency. The buzzword has taken the digital world by storm and transformed how organizations manage their data. Even though cloud is a hot topic,Read… Read more »

NASA and Google Quantum Computing Partnership

Google and NASA recently produced a documentary (6 mins long) around their new quantum computing partnership. I, by no means, am a quantum physicist, but this technology theoretically has the ability to turn “big data” into MASSIVE data with only a fraction of the processing and energy of a standard computer. My biggest takeaway fromRead… Read more »

How to Accelerate New Employee Productivity

How to Accelerate New Employee Productivity Accelerating a new employee’s productivity rate is a goal that every agency strives to achieve. The onboarding process involves many time consuming elements. Everything from preparing new-hire paperwork, to ensuring equipment is ready on time, and reducing the onboarding cycle from days to minutes can help your agency saveRead… Read more »

CloudCheckr : Amazon Complexity Challenges Many Users

A recently released infographic from CloudCheckr ( sheds quite a bit of light on the importance of expert advice when an enterprise decides to deploy to the cloud. When AWS made Trusted Advisor free for the month of March, they took that opportunity to conduct an internal survey of their customers’ usage. CloudCheckr compared theRead… Read more »

Peering into our Crystal Ball — 2013 Tech Trends Unveiled

It’s hard to peer into a crystal ball and predict what will be the top trends for government technology, but that’s exactly what the experts at IDC Insights have done. Thom Rubel is the Vice President for Research at IDC Government Insights. He told Chris Dorobek on the DorobekINSIDER program that 2013 will be anRead… Read more »

Can Video Increase Military Coordination Between Nations?

Keeping the lines of communication and collaboration open between these nations and their militaries is a struggle under the best of conditions. However, the ongoing economic situation is impacting each and every member nation to some degree and at some level. This means that budgets need to be cut, every cent needs to be accountedRead… Read more »

Technology Lessens the Burden of the Federal Retirement Tsunami

Originally posted on TechSource by Dan Klanderman We’ve seen it coming for years, and in fact, planned on this disruption to the federal workforce. Yet, the federal retirement tsunami is still causing a disturbance in federal agencies, as a large population of federal employees reach retirement age concurrently. Nearly 9,000 retirement claims were filed inRead… Read more »