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Survey Findings: The State of Cloud Adoption

This blog post is an excerpt from our new report, Improving Application Delivery and Customer Experience Through Cloud-Based Technologies, download the full report here.

Cloud adoption simply refers to moving data from local servers to hosted servers online. We know that this process saves agencies costs, time, as well as reduces their data center footprint, but did you know it can also improve the customer experience at your agency?

GovLoop surveyed nearly 45 of our community members from Labor (DOL), Justice (DOJ), Interior (DOI) and Homeland Security (DHS) departments to learn about the state of cloud adoption and how it impacts the public’s interactions and experiences with government.

For example, the DOL IT Platform consolidates the department’s case management systems by investing in a cloud-based environment. This platform has helped DOL launch several tools, including the Apprenticeship Finder Tool, which offers career-seekers a digital platform to search through about 1.4 million job postings by city, state and occupation.

Below are more important findings from that survey.

When we asked respondents about Cloud Smart:

  • 36% of respondents said they are discussing the strategy and its recommended policies and best practices. But there is still a learning curve, considering the strategy was just finalized in June 2019
  • 28% are somewhat discussing Cloud Smart
  • 17% are not
  • 19% aren’t even familiar with the strategy

Based on the survey data and research conducted by GovLoop, several trends emerged about how DHS, DOJ, DOI and DOL view cloud and its alignment to customer experience.

 When we asked respondents about barriers to cloud adoption:

  • 43% of respondents cited lack of workforce skills as a barrier
  • 29% cited leadership buy-in as a barrier

Especially for agencies such as DOJ and DHS that maintain highly sensitive data, there are concerns about security and potentially introducing risks that could jeopardize the mission.

When we asked respondents what they want improved:

  • 40% indicated that they want better access to data
  • 20% said cost-effective scalability
  • 10% said strengthened security and improved internal engagement

These are all CX-related issues — and areas that cloud is more than capable of enhancing.

To learn more about how cloud can improve customer experiences at federal agencies; and the challenges and benefits these agencies experience when embracing cloud, download our full report here.

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