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Survey – GovLoop Topics

The latest survey on GovLoop was “What topics would you like to see covered in GovLoop?”

The results were:
13.0% Gov’t Opportunities and Events
35.9% Gov’t Career Advice
0.0% Sports and Entertainment
43.6% Gov’t Best Practices
7.7% Gov’t News

I’m intrigued by the results but I think they make sense. Here’s how GovLoop will respond to your needs.

Sports and Entertainment – Not a whole lot of interest here. However, Hokie Guru’s blog posts always rate as the most popular. Plus I like his witty banter, so we’ll continue to hear more from him. But you’ll probably not see any Britney Spears posts soon.

Gov’t News – I always welcome when people post information on Gov’t News. However, I understand that there are lots of sites that already cover Gov’t News . I’ll continue to provide News through the Top Stories on the bottom of the home page. These are selected articles from a number of great news sources.

Gov’t Opportunities and Events – 13.0% came to GovLoop for opportunities and events. I encourage everyone to post interesting events under the events tab. While many events are in D.C., I’d like to see more events from outside D.C. be included. So those outside the beltway, please post interesting events. I’ve gotten good feedback about the job postings and opportunities on GovLoop. I encourage everyone to post opportunities on the website as we all know how hard it is to get into the gov’t and once in, find good jobs.

Gov’t Career Advice – A close #2 is gov’t career advice. I believe there is a great need for gov’t career advice especially the informal advice from peers. That’s why it’s great to see forum topics like how to dress on a first day get great response in the forums. It’s also why I love GeekChick’s great insights. Finally, it’s why we are starting a “Query the Coach” weekly series where career coach Jeff Ward will answer your questions. Have any questions – send an email and Jeff will answer the best questions each week.

Gov’t Best Practices – I’m excited that Best Practices comes in at #1. Honestly, this is why I created GovLoop. There are a lot of great projects occurring at all levels of gov’t and we should be sharing our lessons learned. Why reinvent the wheel if someone’s already invented it? I’m excited to see discussions and blogs on topics like social media where we are sharing our lessons. I hope we continue to share each other’s best practices. I will continue to blog about exciting projects I see in gov’t. I encourage all members to share their best practices and also ask for guidance from our members.

Next question – What Would Make Your Job Better?

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