System Refresh Calculator: How Much Can You Save?

Picture this: You are sitting at your desk, working on a project as you near the deadline, and your computer is operating at a snail’s pace. Nothing is worse than your computer not working as it should. It wastes time, money and valuable IT resources.

So how much could you actually save by upgrading your system? How much more productive could you be? Using an IDC whitepaper, sponsored by Microsoft, “Mitigating Risk: Why Sticking with Windows XP is a Bad Idea,” May 2012, GovLoop created a System Refresh Calculator to see how much your agency could save by upgrading your system.

Click the calculator below to see what you could save.

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Scott Kearby

I ran an hypothetical using this calculator and the results seem questionable to me. The input I used:

Individual or Team? Individual

How old is your computer? Two years or less

Operating System? Windows 7

Time spent per day? 1 minute

My expectation is that since the computer is very new, has the most up-to-date OS, and issues are almost nothing that it would not be effective to refresh. Instead the calculator shows that the I could save over $800 by replacing my computer, the ROI for a refresh is 122%, and 7 hours are wasted per year (not sure how that calculates from 1 min per day x 200 days = 200 minutes or 2 hrs 40 min).

As an engineer … I know the math is the math, but I suspect that the underlying assumptions that support the calculator may not be valid given inputs that are near optimum. My local government agency certainly cannot afford to replace computers every two years.