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Student Aid: Pioneers in Managing Risk

The Office of Federal Student Aid put in place the first formalized risk management framework in the federal government, starting its efforts in 2004. What does it look like? How did they do it? One former federal leader, Todd Grams, observes that agencies that ignore risk are actually creating risk. Not surprisingly, there has beenRead… Read more »

Can Data Save Education?

Yesterday the White House, Departments of Education and Treasury, and the GSA hosted an education “datapalooza.” The event highlighted how open data and collaboration across sectors can improve educational opportunities in the United States. The event showcased organizations whose mission is to help students apply for college, obtain the necessary skills to thrive in theRead… Read more »

US Department of Education brings Youth Engagement to the 21st Century

With support from the White House, the US Department of Education has launched an impressive effort to engage young people in policymaking. First, they announced a National Youth Summit to galvanize youth to shape strategies to provide pathways for all youth – those who are in middle and high school as well as those whoRead… Read more »