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Identifying the Promise of GIS for Government: Emergency Management

Post Highlights GovLoop releases new report: Identifying the Promise of GIS for Government Emergency management has been transformed by GIS technology Post identifies 10 lessons learned from emergency management and GIS initiatives The GovLoop report, Identifying the Promise of GIS for Government, focuses on best practices, case studies and identifies innovative uses of geographic informationRead… Read more »

GIS Celebrating 50th Birthday

This month, Esri identified that GIS technology has turned 50 years old. Later this month, GovLoop will be releasing a guide highlighting how GIS has revolutionized how services are delivered to citizens. The guide will focus on five core areas (citizen engagement, public safety, emergency management, health and human services and environmental policy), and provideRead… Read more »

Exploring Geo-Enabled Government Services

Across government, there are fascinating uses of GIS. Whether it is the development of custom web apps, integration of cloud and/or mobile technology, or using GIS to improve citizen services. In many ways GIS is transforming how government delivers services. There are also many different ways GIS is improving services. The use of 3D andRead… Read more »

Big Data for Geo

Every industry utilizes data in some facit or another. In the geo world, you can’t look in a direction that doesn’t include data…BIG data. Which is why we are bringing together GIS and developer professionals from throughout the DC metro area to learn more about Big Data and the latest in geospatial and cloud technology.Read… Read more »

Live Blog from the Esri International User Conference

This week I am attending the Esri User International Conferencein the beautiful City of San Diego. Esri was founded in 1969 by current Esri President Jack Dangermond and his wife, Laura. Esri is an acronym for Environment Systems Research Institute. The Esri website states, “Esri’s early mission was to organize and analyze geographic information toRead… Read more »

The Art of Map Making – How Great Maps Tell Compelling Stories

I recently read a blog post by Bern Szukalski, There’s Something about a Map, on the ESRI blog, Bern states, “There’s something about a good map. It’s hard for me to describe exactly what that something is, but like many of us involved with GIS and geographic information, I’ve always been drawn to and fascinatedRead… Read more »

Local Governments Increase Transparency Through GIS Technology

In this increasingly interconnected world people are used to accessing information quickly and easily. In turn, governments across the world are working to deliver information in a way that is more accessible, transparent and interactive to engage citizens. One way many governments are sharing information and communicating with citizens is through interactive maps. In aRead… Read more »

GIS – Not Just for Programmers or Tech Savvy

Everyday there seems to be a new technology and new service that is being tested out. Many times, they involve geo-locational services as well, and running behind the scenes and helping to power the technology is Geographic Information Systems (GIS). GIS is not just for programmers or coders, there are dozens of applications of GISRead… Read more »

Using GIS During an Emergency

There are dozens of applications of GIS technology. Last month, I wrote about 10 ways GIS can influence governance. One of the more interesting ways, and quickly emerging, is using GIS during an emergency. I recently read a case study from the ESRI website, Larimer County GIS Builds Customer Web App to Empower Emergency Managers,Read… Read more »