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Congress and Social Media

Congressman John Culberson (TX) is passionate about the concept of government as platform, government as an enabler. He dreams of a day when 1 million Americans are talking in real time with their elected officials. Google Wave is trying to achieve this. We’re approaching virtual real-time democracy and hope that citizens help build mechanisms forRead… Read more »

Apps for Democracy vs. Wiki Editorial – Keys to Open Collaboration Success

In contrasting the collaborative project Apps for Democracy and the LA Times’ 2005 Wiki editorial experiment, Clay Shirky, highlights keys to success for open collaboration. 1. You’re engaging in open collaboration because of the possibilities. Don’t over manage the process and create too many rules. 2. Give participants space to participate and be as creativeRead… Read more »

From the Digital Commonwealth to the Digital Nation (Tim O’Reilly, Aneesh Chopra)

I’m listening to the nation’s first technology officer, Aneesh Chopra at the Gov 2.0 Summit. Mr. Chopra serves as an assistant to the President and he makes sure the President get the best advice about technology. He’s responsible for surfacing new ideas and making sure they’re brought to the table for discussion. He is responsibleRead… Read more »