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Facts & Myths about Training

In last week’s post, Why Mandatory Training Rocks, I asked GovLoopers to weigh in on whether a few statements about learning are facts or myths. Here are the results and some supporting evidence.  Thanks to all who participated. 1. Participants have to like training to learn from it (Myth) @ryanburdick wrote, this one’s “a weird place betweenRead… Read more »

Python for ArcGIS: Professional Development at the 2014 Esri Federal GIS Conference

This week I had the great fortune of attending the 2014 Esri Federal GIS Conference. GIS professionals from federal, state, and local agencies joined industry experts for two days of workshops, immersion summits, speaking engagements, and hands-on training sessions. Of course, with over 100 different professional development workshops and seminars to choose from, the realRead… Read more »