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I Haven’t Trusted My Toaster for 15 Years

Our Nation’s Greatest Strategic Thinkers Are Published at NDU Fifteen years ago three national security strategists published a paper which would resonate with a new crop of cyber practitioners in the Department of Defense, Intelligence and Law Enforcement Communities titled “Information Terrorism: Can You Trust Your Toaster?” This paper, by Matt Devost, Brian Houghton andRead… Read more »

Duty to Die

The cost of health fcare or DOD is squeezing other budget essentials. Most particulally, the growing costs along three lines merit special attention Retirees Dependents TBI and PTSD for the active force along with dramatic changes in the WIA/KIA ratio (more survivors with long term care and rehab needs What to do? Raise co-pays andRead… Read more »

GovInsights: Do You Have a “Duty to Die”?

This interview marks the third of a brand new series on GovLoop called “GovInsights” where we are interviewing and highlighting the thoughts and perspectives of professors at colleges and universities who are teaching, researching and writing about government issues. This time, we talked to Dr. James Keagle, Director of the Transforming National Security at theRead… Read more »