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How Situational Awareness Protects Data

Cybersecurity is difficult at agencies due a constantly changing cyber environment and consistent cyberthreats. Perhaps the most important asset for an agency to protect is it’s data. Find out how situational awareness is helping agencies understand new devices in their environment and how they can better protect their data.

Maintaining Secure Critical Infrastructure

Threats to critical infrastructure come in every shape and size. Physical threats from malicious actors and environmental instability are always concerns, while threats in cyberspace are mounting every day. Add onto those risks the fact that government funds are diminishing while critical assets are aging, and the challenge of maintaining security can seem overwhelming.

The Public Sector Future of Interfacing with the Internet of Things

To discuss more about how the public sector can properly interface and interact with this new world of data and sensors, GovLoop sat down with Steven Sarnecki, Vice President, Federal & Public Sector, and Stephen Bates, Director, Advanced Analytics at OSIsoft, an industry leader in operational intelligence and advanced data analytics for over 35 years.