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Why Leadership Coaching Matters—A Lesson Learned the Hard Way

During the 1990’s the professional political consultant emerged as a definitive player in American politics. As a young woman in this burgeoning field this was the time I first encountered the men who are now the top advisers to our nation’s leaders. We sat around tables in shabby campaign headquarters and airport restaurants discussing theRead… Read more »

Is 47 Percent Good Enough?

It is no surprise that Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney once again has found himself in hot water over comments he made at a fundraiser. As discussed in previous articles ( Romney’s propensity to “misstate” his positions comes less from jumbled words and more from a value system that isn’t always in sync with theRead… Read more »

Why Do We Only Discuss Women’s Issues During Campaigns?

It is no secret the women’s vote is often the determining factor in many elections, including major national races. It is therefore no surprise, as we enter the throws of the 2012 presidential election, that once again the battle is on to woo women, replete with the usual trash-talking and barbed attacks that characterize ourRead… Read more »