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How Will Not Drive Federal IT Acquisition Reform

Photo by ActiveRain After weeks of reports about the debacle known as (here and here), the latest news and actions around preventing the next IT boondoggle are now headed in the direction of reforming IT acquisition. Although President Obama got in on the action, I do not expect any significant reforms to take place,Read… Read more »

How To Fix Procurement 3: Ask for the Right Stuff

This post is written by Clay Johnson, the co-founder and CEO of the Department of Better Technology, and cross-posted from the Department of Better Technology blog. So far we’ve talked about two ways to decrease government’s IT costs: streamlining the process that agencies use to vet and certify new businesses, and leveraging APIs to makeRead… Read more »

Government Innovation Success? RFP-EZ Launches – hear from Clay Johnson

“Risk is giving yourself permission to fail and an opportunity to succeed,” said Clay Johnson. Johnson is one of the Presidential Innovation Fellows tasked with helping streamline and modernize the federal procurement system. The first of its kind program, brought in innovators from the private sector for six-month fellowships to help government solve problems. Johnson’sRead… Read more »

5 Ideas on Project RFP-EZ

When I read the announcement of the White House Innovation Fellows, I was quickly drawn to the Project RFP-EZ Building a platform that makes it easier for small high-growth businesses to navigate the federal government, and enables agencies to quickly source low-cost, high-impact information technology solutions. What I like best about is really simple –Read… Read more »