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7 Simple To Dos for Rookies to Enhance Their LinkedIn Profile

To some people it may seem rather ridiculous to share this kind of guidance in 2014, but judging from the anemic LinkedIn profiles I view on a daily basis, it’s clear that it’s advice people still need. I know everyone is busy, but if how they represent themselves as professionals is important to them (andRead… Read more »

Twitter Changes in 2014: 5 Strategic Cautions

Summary: Recent and forthcoming Twitter changes may serve the company’s short-term interests, but they may not lay the best foundation for long-term success. This post offers five strategic cautions that remind Twitter to think of itself as a utility rather than a novelty, capitalize on its unique strengths, minimize existing prejudices and points of resistance,Read… Read more »

Twitter for Professional Purposes: 21+ Tips

Summary: Many people still don’t “get” Twitter – especially from a professional perspective – or are uncertain whether there is any value in using it. Many others have set up an account but feel overwhelmed and/or unsure about how to maximize the potential benefits. Still others think they’re using it properly but really don’t knowRead… Read more »

Pinterest Boards: Making Them Work for You

Summary: Establishing the correct Pinterest boards for your organization is critical for a successful Pinterest presence. Did you know you can use secret boards, as well as community and staging boards, to maximize your engagement and management efforts? This post offers tips for managing Pinterest boards to organize and share content efficiently and effectively. AsRead… Read more »

Pinterest Optimization: The Value of a Pinventory

Summary: For individuals and organizations using Pinterest for professional purposes, creating and managing a “pinventory” is a recommended best practice that enables you to reduce unnecessary duplication, improve board focus and content, and better manage new pins going forward. This post provides suggested steps and related tips, as well as an Excel inventory template. (fromRead… Read more »

9 Pinterest Pointers for Organizations

Summary: If you’re contemplating establishing a Pinterest presence for your organization, or are just getting started, the nine pointers in this post will help you develop a plan for managing your engagement both initially and over time. These tips are primarily targeted to organizations that aren’t focused on individual consumers (i.e., BtoB enterprises, nonprofit organizations,Read… Read more »

LinkedIn Endorsements: What You Can and Can’t Manage

The LinkedIn Endorsements feature has become very popular, even though it has not been universally well received. No matter what you may think of them, it appears they may become a permanent feature of LinkedIn profiles. This post addresses some of the logistical challenges of managing endorsements by providing an overview of which aspects canRead… Read more »

Tweets about Twitter Offer Interesting Insights

Curious about Twitter, not just as a social media platform but also as a company? Using a sample of recent tweets, this post offers a glimpse into the company’s leadership, its role in society, and how the platform and its features are evolving. Though neither comprehensive nor in-depth, this glimpse provides insights into the complexityRead… Read more »