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Tumbln into Tumblr: 7 Reasons it Hits a Social Media “Sweet Spot”

If you haven’t considered adding Tumblr to your social media portfolio yet, my latest blog post offers seven reasons why it hits a “sweet spot” for established individual and organizational users, complementing and augmenting engagement on other platforms in unique and effective ways. Additional reasons are welcome. Tumblr. Follow the world’s creators. That’s how TumblrRead… Read more »

The Good Workplace Snitch

“This place is a hell hole. If I had a car today I would up and quit.” This was a real Facebook post, though not too uncommon, and shared by a social network “friend” with their mutual employer! Facebook “snitching”, as it’s been coined, has prompted a lot of discussion among HR professionals who areRead… Read more »

Life outside of work is still work?

So, it’s technically illegal for an employer to discriminate in their hiring practices based on race, creed, ethnicity, religion, sexual preference, gender, age, etc. Ever since the employers became savvy to social networking, there has been an ongoing debate about whether or not they can discriminate based on an applicant’s life outside of work. I’mRead… Read more »

Are You Building Community or Am I Just Painting Your Fence?

I succumbed to the hype and joined Quora last week. Two weeks before that I joined Academia which is a social networking site for academics. Friday night I joined Eegoes because they promised to help me organize my rapidly-expanding universe of social networking sites. I had a great time building profiles, looking for people toRead… Read more »

2011 – The Start of the Complexity Economics Decade

As the first decade of the 21st Century ends, I hope that the economic events of the last thirty-five years finally loosen the hold that neoclassical economics has on public policy. It is widely recognized that the accepted economic models that governments use to shape policy are just not empirically valid. Today’s economies are vastlyRead… Read more »

Survey: Examining Predictors of Social Networking Participation

I am working on a dissertation in pursuit of my PhD in Public Administration and Urban Policy at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. To those who have already taken the survey, I thank you. I hope others will share less than 10 minutes with me to take the survey. My research is intended toRead… Read more »