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Why Connected Care Creates Better Communities

Smarter cities are now building citizen-centered social programs backed by big data analytics. They’re using this technology to improve social welfare and alleviate socioeconomic distress. In a recent IBM report, Dr. Jonathan Fielding, now retired Director and Health Officer of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health said, “An innovative strategy that introduces improvedRead… Read more »

The Role of Technology in Delivering Modern Services

The way that government delivers services to citizens is rapidly changing. Services are now being delivered across sectors and changing the role of government. Today, technology is an essential component to delivering services to citizens. Information technology tools are used throughout the entire lifecycle of delivering services. From the onset, IT is used to trackRead… Read more »

6 Ways to Create a Citizen-Centered Business Model

Private sector customers have become accustomed to responsive, reactive and responsible customer service interactions. Companies who have embraced a customer-centered business model have witnessed benefits to their bottom line, building a loyal fan base and attaining a corner of their respective markets. For example, Zappos customer service is legendary and continues to propel the company’sRead… Read more »