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Learn What Your Building is Telling You: Smarter Buildings Digital Resources

Our buildings are creating troves of data, which deserve careful study and analysis. To explore this dynamic, GovLoop and the IBM® Smarter Buildings Team have partnered to provide you with the need-to-know information on how to transform your agency by unlocking your building data. We have created a white paper, conducted an online training webinarRead… Read more »

Leveraging Crime Analytics to Transform Public Safety

Technology is changing the way we communicate, do our jobs, and keep our communities safe. With advanced crime analytics, public safety organizations have the opportunity to proactively reduce crime without additional resources. To show how technology is helping keep communities safe, GovLoop and IBM® partnered to create digital resources and trainings centered on the transformativeRead… Read more »

How to Leverage Data Throughout Your Building’s Entire Life-Cycle

Did you know that in the US, buildings are consuming 70% of all electricity and up to 50% of it is wasted? By making modest investments in the way in which you manage your building, your agency can witness cost savings and identify new efficiencies. This all starts with understanding your buildings’ data, and learningRead… Read more »

Did You Know That By 2025 Buildings Will be the Largest Emitters of Greenhouse Gases on the Planet?

I was taken back a bit by some statistics I read over on the IBM Smarter Buildings website: In the U.S., buildings are consuming 70% of all electricity, and wasting 50% of their share with inefficiency Buildings produce 48% of global carbon emissions and by 2025 they will be the largest emitters of greenhouse gasesRead… Read more »

How to Enable Holistic Care for Individuals – The Smarter Care Approach

How can agencies enable holistic and individualized care to citizens? This is the crux of the issue for improving social programs in the public sector. In today’s world, there are a variety of issues that come into play when providing social programs to those in need. It’s beyond just looking at lifestyle choices, social determinantsRead… Read more »

The Role of Technology in Delivering Modern Services

The way that government delivers services to citizens is rapidly changing. Services are now being delivered across sectors and changing the role of government. Today, technology is an essential component to delivering services to citizens. Information technology tools are used throughout the entire lifecycle of delivering services. From the onset, IT is used to trackRead… Read more »

6 Ways to Create a Citizen-Centered Business Model

Private sector customers have become accustomed to responsive, reactive and responsible customer service interactions. Companies who have embraced a customer-centered business model have witnessed benefits to their bottom line, building a loyal fan base and attaining a corner of their respective markets. For example, Zappos customer service is legendary and continues to propel the company’sRead… Read more »

Measuring the ROI of Crime Analytics: Case Study from Lancaster, California

This is the final blog post of the Smarter Cities: Building Safer Communities in the Digital Age series. This series explores how analytics has empowered the street level bureaucrat, redefining the way public safety officials keep communities safe. Across the country, public safety organizations are leveraging crime analytics to improve efficiencies and connecting employees toRead… Read more »