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FAQs on Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Today, at least two-thirds of graduates enter the workforce saddled with educational debt, which has had far-reaching economic and social consequences. One approach to mitigating student debt is loan forgiveness, for which there are a number of available federal programs, including the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program.

Student Loan Repayment Boosts Federal Workforce

Turns out, paying back student loans can result in more and better candidates for job openings within the federal workforce and better retention and satisfaction once they’re hired. As the No. 1 federal department in helping employees pay back their student loans, the Department of Defense cities the program designed for doing so as aRead… Read more »

EXCELLENT RESOURCE: A Life in Public Service…How to Manage Student Debt on that Salary

Discovered this resource this morning on YNPNdc’s Facebook page! THANK YOU for posting! Three financial aid resources for people in public service. Includes a link to Heather Jarvis’ new website. She is an expert in Student Loan Forgiveness for people in public service.