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DuCharme on Linking Linked Data to U.S. Law

Bob DuCharme of TopQuadrant has posted Linking Linked Data to U.S. Law, on his bobdc blog. In this post, Mr. DuCharme discusses approaches to “[a]utomating conversion of [legal] citations into URLs.” The post cites examples and contributions from many members of the legal informatics community — among them several members of our community — includingRead… Read more »

Wash on Authentication as a User-Centric Activity

Mike Wash, Chief Information Officer of the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO), has posted Authentication Is a User-Centric Activity, on his blog, The WashBoard. Mr. Wash’s post identifies key issues respecting the authentication of digital government information — including U.S. federal legal information — and discusses GPO’s approach to authentication. For other recent discussion ofRead… Read more »

Wash Honored by Washington Post & Partnership for Public Service

Mike Wash, CIO of the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO), has been honored as “Federal Player of the Week” by The Washington Post and The Partnership for Public Service, with a profile story in The Washington Post. The article focuses on Mr. Wash’s innovative development of GPO’s FDsys content management system, and his commitment toRead… Read more »