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Quora Discussion: Version Control for Legislation

An interesting discussion — among members of our community — of version control for legislation in digital formats took place this past week on Quora. Ari Hershowitz of Tabulaw (GovLoop profile here) began the discussion. Contributors to the discussion included Tom Bruce of the Legal Information Institute (GovLoop profile here), Marci Harris of POPVOX (GovLoopRead… Read more »

McGrath on Legislative Workbench Legislative Information System

Sean McGrath of Proplyon — and a member of our community — has posted Legislative Workbench (LWB) Technical White Paper, Version 1.0 (2011). The paper describes the architecture of the system that powers KLISS, the Kansas Legislative Information Services System. Click here for Sean’s earlier posts about KLISS.

Wash on Authentication as a User-Centric Activity

Mike Wash, Chief Information Officer of the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO), has posted Authentication Is a User-Centric Activity, on his blog, The WashBoard. Mr. Wash’s post identifies key issues respecting the authentication of digital government information — including U.S. federal legal information — and discusses GPO’s approach to authentication. For other recent discussion ofRead… Read more »

McGrath on Authentication of Digital Legal Information

Sean McGrath of Proplyon — and a member of our community — has written an interesting new post on authentication of electronic legal information, entitled Pssst…there is no such thing as an authentic/original/official/master electronic legal text.

The New Legislation as Open Linked Data

John L. Sheridan of the UK National Archives and his team have released, which presents UK legislation as Linked Data, and provides free public access — including bulk access via RESTful API — to UK legislation and legislative metadata in a range of formats, including XML. includes both statutes and statutory instruments. ClickRead… Read more »