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The Time for a Comprehensive Plan for Second Life is Now!?

Today I read a great article about digital citizenship, Digital Citizenship and the Forward Edge Transference, written by Mike Langlois, LICSW. In his post, Langlois discusses many similarities between online and offline behavior. This was interesting to me because as a local government employee, I’ve also recognized many similarities between offline communities and online spaces.Read… Read more »

Daily Dose: Video Game Helps Soldiers Deal With Life After War

We don’t send soldiers off to war without proper training and now the Pentagon is looking at ways to prep them for coming home. For years there have been video games showing soldiers how to take down a terrorist, but now there’s an interactive game to help soldiers deal with post traumatic stress. The gameRead… Read more »

US DOT and Second Life: “Transportation Nation” Island

My government 2.0 worlds just collided this morning. I participated in the Transportation Research Board’s Annual Meeting yesterday and am now at the Open Government Directive Workshop Series. One of the presenters at the OGD event was Adam Schlicht of DOT, who highlighted DOT’s Second Life island called “Transportation Nation.” I found one of hisRead… Read more »