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Bird Flu Research Details To Be Released

Despite fear that terrorists could the information to start epidemics, the World Health Organization (WHO) recently announced they would release the “full details” of experiments done last year by research teams, at Erasmus Medical Centre, Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, and at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on the virus known as H5N1, that made the deadlyRead… Read more »

Three Big Pigs: Geopolitics, 2011 Style

Been looking for a better way to understand the ever-evolving complexities of middle Eastern populist uprisings, even if you may not know your Gulf of Sidra from your Jersey Shore, or your Oman from your Conan? Fear not, gentle Govloop reader. My vote goes to this inspired YouTube video, produced by Russian animator Egor Zhgun.Read… Read more »

CB2: Crowdsourcing Against Terror

Today’s CB2 will be brief, following a great time at the Philly GovUp last night. I came across a crisis-related article on CrunchGear last week that really piqued my interest: Which Cellphone Did The Yemeni Terrorists Use? If you’re not familiar with last Friday’s incident, explosive packages from Yemen arriving on air cargo planes wereRead… Read more »