Tell Us: What’s on Your Organization’s IT Resolutions List for 2014?

Can you believe that it’s already that time of the year when we all start reflecting on the past year, and begin to look forward to 2014? Who knows where the time goes, but things certainly are moving fast. As we look to 2014, what are some things that should be on your IT resolutions list? I thought of a brief list below, so please be sure to add your own.

  • Go Paperless: think of all the services in private lives that have moved to digital, next year is the time to think about how you can digitize your services to increase efficiencies and cut costs.
  • Automate Tasks: something you don’t like doing? Well, maybe you can automate the task. Technology can play an important role in helping you re-think business process and workflows.
  • Leadership: leadership is essential to any IT project, and you can always hone your skills as a leader and as a communicator. Now is the time to reflect back and think of areas of improvement, to lead your team to new heights in 2014.
  • Mobile: the mobile craze isn’t ending anytime soon, and there are plenty of opportunities for you to leverage mobile.
  • Cloud: the cloud is changing the way government delivers services, next year is your chance to adopt the cloud and leverage the many benefits of cloud computing.
  • Telework/Flexible Work: the way we work is changing, for some of us, we can leverage technology to receive access to organizational data allowing us to work anywhere, anytime. Maybe this option is possible for you in 2014.
  • Connect Your Process to People to Drive Innovation: budgets are tight, now is the time to think of new and innovative solutions to challenges. Next year is all about thinking outside the box.

If any of these resolutions made your list, I’d encourage you to check out some of the resources we have below. These guides, infographics and blogs can help you achieve some of your IT resolutions for 2014.

What would you add to the list? What’s your IT focus for 2014?

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