Thank You for Your Service

Being a public servant has never been the most glamorous job.

That’s something I’ve felt personally my whole life.  Imagine being 9 years old and telling folks your dad works at the IRS – kind of a show stopper. Serving as a government IT auditor was never the best pick-up line when I was single. And depending on your political perspective, I was not the most popular person when I was working at DHS ICE.

However, I’ve always felt the work of public service matters regardless of where you stand politically. We all want well-run parks, clean streets, strong military, efficient processing of benefits, and countless other government functions. And the work we do as career government employees (whether federal, state, and local government) is non-political.

GovLoop has only reemphasized that feeling with me. Every day I see 250,000+ government employees on GovLoop working across topics from project management to data analytics and from small cities in Alaska to big federal agencies in Washington, D.C.  I see the passion and hard work of public service and it makes me proud of the work we can do together at GovLoop across federal/state/local government to better service the public.

That’s why every webinar or in-person event we host at GovLoop, we try to take 30 seconds and thank everyone for their service for the hard work they do every day and the extra effort they put in by going to sites like GovLoop trying to get 1 percent better every day.

So all I wanted to say is “thank you for your service.” If I can ever be of help, let me know. Hang in there and keep doing the great work, day in and day out.

P.S. We have a ton of fun GovLoop stickers with sayings like “I am Not Red Tape” or “Not Your Father’s Bureaucrat” – if you want some, fill out this form and we’ll mail you some free ones.

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Rachel White

Thank you for the “thank you”! It is nice to be recognized and appreciated. We are the glue that keeps our country running along.

James Flanagan

1st things 1st; I tried the link for stickers and it won’t connect.
2nd; I’m honored every day to be able to do what I do for Veterans and their families and loved ones.