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4 Keys for Showing Gratitude at Work

When it comes to gratitude, our professional life can feel less clear than our other relationships. How can you show gratitude at work without seeming over the top? Keep these four keys in mind the next time you thank someone you work with.

The Power of “Thank You”

Briefly – how often do we stop and thank the people who have helped us? I thought about this the other day. Actually I thought about it when I stopped to make a blessing. Jewish law says that you’re not supposed to do other things while you’re also praising G-d. And I realized how manyRead… Read more »

Interviewing: Follow Up for Success

Whenever I talk about job search, there are questions about following up after an interview. Why, when, how, how much… ‘Why?’ is easy.When you write a thank-you note to interviewers, you have another chance to impress each interviewer you talked with. When you check in after the expected decision time frame, you remind them ofRead… Read more »

Eight Tips to Help You Write Job Interview Thank You Notes

Surprisingly many job seekers still do not write thank you notes after interviews. Help yourself stand out from the crowd by thanking those who have taken the time to meet with you. A thank you note is particularly important after an informational interview. Here are eight tips to help you get through the thank youRead… Read more »