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Thank You to New Community Leaders!

I don’t normally give personal shout-outs, but I wanted to extend a special thanks to a bunch of brand new GovLoop Community Leaders. They responded to a GovLoop Special Edition email where we made an appeal for GovLoopers to “Be a Leader.” And they’re already making their unique mark on GovLoop. This is kind of like GovLoop’s version of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:

Member of the Week Bloggers

Ryan Drewniak

Radiah Givens-Nunez

Mary Souther

Project of the Week Blogger

Tanya Hilleary


Amanda Blount

Picture Forthcoming!

Lori Boerner

Heather Coleman

New Member Mentors

Hannah Bowers

Josh Joseph

Ed Dzitko

John Moore

GovReads Bloggers

Nakesha Kemp-Hirst

Meredith Mengel

Amy Phillips

New “Acquisition Weekly” Editors

Doug Black

Sterling Whitehead

New “Gov 2.0 Weekly” Editors

Phil Bertolini

Faye Newsham

Meagen Ryan

New “HR Weekly” Editor

Yun-Mei Lin

Community Gardeners

Picture Forthcoming

I also want to honor some of our veteran Community Leaders:

Project of the Week Bloggers


GovLoop Weekly Poll and Graphic Designer

Adam Arthur

Other Awesomeness

Blogger Outreach

Lauren Modeen
Social Media Strategist

How-To Blogger

Scott Horvath
How-To Blogger

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Scott Horvath

Who’s that handsome devil at the bottom right? Oh wait…it’s me 🙂

Thanks for the shout outs to GovLoop community leaders. Now, I can’t disappoint…I need to come up with another how-to! It’s been too-long.

Andrew Krzmarzick

Hey @Tricia – I think you’re referring to the GovGurus and GovGuides, right? We’re still trying to figure out how exactly to utilize those two roles….though you may have helped with the prototype of the first yesterday…with that anonymous question and your quick response. For the GovGurus, that’s exactly what I have in mind…people posing questions that are sent to a group of people who are experts on a particular subject that respond within 24 hours. Kind of like http://www.vark.com. If you’re in as the HR GovGuru, then I’ll add your picture above! 😉


Andrew –

I was referring to Lisa Coates & K. Scott Derrick – weren’t they the knowledge experts? To answer your other comment, I would be interested in the HR GovGuru, (and should then really consider getting get around to uploading a real photo!) – however on occasions I am away from the office doing outreach/recruitment….don’t know if this might create a problem with the 24 hr. turnaround.

Amanda Blount

Well this is really cool! <:-) Thanks for the shout out.
Yep, We are a group of seriously cool GovStars! LOL 🙂

And Scott – you got part of your first statement correct! (HEE HEE)