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Managing Online Comments: 10 Recommendations

Even though social media is fully integrated into the global culture and economy, many leaders are still reluctant to put themselves and/or their organizations in a position where they may have to listen to and/or engage with various stakeholders via these public channels. They tend to fear potential reputational harm and/or the stickiness of havingRead… Read more »

Community Management should mean Community Engagement: Value, Validate, and Respect

“Community Management should mean Community Engagement: Value, Validate, and Respect” was originally posted to the ChatterBachs blog. Community management should mean community engagement. Here are several ways to make sure you’re reaching this optimal level of community engagement, whether online or offline: Demonstrate value. People have a seemingly unlimited number of resources to draw from.Read… Read more »

Thank You to New Community Leaders!

I don’t normally give personal shout-outs, but I wanted to extend a special thanks to a bunch of brand new GovLoop Community Leaders. They responded to a GovLoop Special Edition email where we made an appeal for GovLoopers to “Be a Leader.” And they’re already making their unique mark on GovLoop. This is kind ofRead… Read more »