The 3 A’s of Awesome

As many of you remember from GovLoop’s Inaugural Next Generation of Government Summit last July, Neil Pasricha, author of the blog 1000 Awesome Things and the Book of Awesome gave a truly inspiring presentation on how to focus on the positive. Our Community Manager Andy Krzmarzick then challenged us to think of 1000 Awesome Things about Government.

In the wake of so much sadness and tragedy already in just the first weeks of our new year, perhaps this can serve as a glimmer of positivity. Here is Neil’s latest TEDTalk he gave in Toronto.

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Alan Raisman

What I find awesome about government is that citizens are responded to almost every time. Citizens used to only have a right to be heard during city hall and town hall meetings. But now citizens do not have to set a time slot in order to be heard and be responded to. Elected officials and government employees are reaching out to people through phone calls, Facebook messages, and direct messages on Twitter. And you can hear back sometimes in an instant. That is awesome!