The Art of Dressing

The Art of Dressing

I’ve had a range of dress codes in my public service career. My first internship at Social Security Administration it was pretty much jeans and polos. And the next gig at Education was more khakis and polos. Then I moved to DHS and it was suit and tie, then dress shirt and pants, and then back to suit and tie.

Each wardrobe changed required new purchases. It sounds silly but when I was allowed to wear jeans everyday at SSA, I needed to buy more jeans. When I moved to polos, I had to stock up on polos. Same with dress shirts, suits, and ties.

Now I’m in a funny situation. I spend about half my time in Florida working from home and half in DC (or other places) in suits.

So what have I been doing lately? Stocking up on my t-shirt and shorts supply. As I’ve never needed so many.

Funny, eh?

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Tom Vannoy

I suspect you could add to your t-shirt collection for free since the rest of us probably have to ‘purge’ our t-shirt collections on a semi-annual basis. At least it seems that’s what I have to do anyway…

Reba B. Donlin

After 20 years of putting on an Army uniform, my husband’s retirement and transition into the civilian world required a wardrobe update. Along with the slacks, dress-shirts and ties, I selected three pairs of dress shoes for him: black, brown, and ox-blood (red tone). Finding it hard to break military habits, my husband continued to polish his shoes. Unfortunately, he’s color blind. Now he owns a pair of black dress shoes and TWO pairs of brown dress shoes. Funny!