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The Intern Report: Interning in D.C

Hello Everyone! Shannon here! I am one of the GovLoop interns this fall.

As of today I have officially been here in Washington, D.C for a month! I graduated from Auburn University in August and spent about two weeks at home before I found myself eager to work and learn more about social media I was blessed with the opportunity to take a chance, move my life up to D.C, and begin interning at the GovLoop office. I have done a lot, worked hard, and learned a whole lot in the process!

Being an intern in Washington D.C is overwhelming at first, especially when you have spent the past four years of your life in small town, Alabama where there are no metros, no skyscrapers, and very few business suits. Not to mention there is one Starbucks in the entire town and it is a 15 minute drive from campus. I have learned to move fast, navigate my way quickly and confidently, and be very independent.

My favorite part of working in a city like D.C is admiring the amazing history it has. I eat lunch by the White House every day and it still amazes me every time I see it! When I get a glimpse of the Capitol while walking to Federal Triangle, I have found myself stopping (once in the middle of the street) to take in it’s beauty.

From a work stand point, I absolutely love working here at GovLoop! It is the creme de la creme of internships. I love having a job that allows me to connect with people (you!) on a daily basis. I had the opportunity to help plan AND attend a GovUp a few weeks ago in D.C. I will be going to three more GovUps before my time is over here

Our office environment is wonderful, and never do I feel like I’m “just the intern.” From the moment I began working here, I have felt as if my work is valuable and I have been given the opportunity to use what I know to help GovLoop become even more awesome than it already is. You just can’t beat that.

Any advice I would give to a new intern in D.C would be to:

1. Learn quickly! This city moves at light speed and you should too

2. Take advantage of every opportunity you are given! One event, project, or even phone call could lead to something big!

3. Be a sponge! Chances are you are working for very intelligent, experienced people, so soak up all the knowledge and advice they provide you!

4. Get to know your fellow co-workers! It makes working with everyone so much better

5. Get connected with different groups based on your interests: Check out sites like: http://www.meetup.com/

6. Take advantage to enjoy your beautiful surroundings! This city is incredible!

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Shannon Donelson

Definitely an openness to teach, but also to let an intern work on their own is key. A great internship is one that allows an intern to learn new skills and have new experiences while also contributing what they already know and have experienced to the greater benefit of the company!

Andrew Krzmarzick

That is pretty amazing to be so close to the White House and the Mall…I used to work about a block from the Mall and rarely took advantage of the chance to just wander over there for lunch. Glad that you’re savoring the experience!