The Nick Charney Challenge: A Canadian Gov 2.0 Story

Great UStream recording of Nick Charney’s inspiring talk in DC today:

Also, be sure to check out the #gov20 stream for some excellent tweets from @digiphile, @lovisatalk, @andrewpwilson, @duniyakibeti and others!

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Candace Riddle

AWESOME…thanks for posting this. I’ve been wanting to share with folks in my office and a lot of us are out of state right now and were unable to attend.

Nicholas Charney

Unfortunately the crowd was fairly reserved, my style of presentation benefits from a more active audience. The overall message is still there, but I feel it lacked some of the punch that I brought to the Next Gen Leaders Summit. Thanks for all the support, as always, its appreciated.

Andrew Krzmarzick

Thanks, Nick. I listened to the whole thing again and the core message was definitely still intact! I see what you’re saying about the general energy, but you still had impact and got several laughs…so put it in the W column on the path to your professional Stanley Cup. 😉

Dannielle Blumenthal

Just wanted to say thanks to all. We in DC are a reserved crowd, but it was a good audience from within agency walls. These are people who normally aren’t on GovLoop etc. The feedback afterward was strongly positive. Sometimes real change is about changing quiet minds. Seriously – it was a good event and I thought everybody partnered well to make it happen.

William Spencer

I wasn’t able to attend, but really appreciate the opportunity to view the recording. Is it possible to get the slides used, or are they posted somewhere? Thanks again for your inspiring presentation from someone trying to flex his “heretic” muscles later in his career.

Veronica Wendt

I echo Dannielle’s comments. I’ve learned that the DC crowd will take time to process information before jumping into the conversation mix. That doesn’t lessen your impact — terrific job!