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Thoughts on Gov 2.0 and Israel

So just got an opportunity to tell “The GovLoop Story” to Israel government officials who are looking how to use social media and social networking in their own country.

Actually, Israel has created its own community based on the GovLoop concept and I felt honored by saying GovLoop was an inspiration.

After my talk, I asked the leaders the current state of Gov 2.0 in Israel and they mentioned similar things to here:
-Concerns over security
-Cultural and change management problems

A great talk and chat…now I just need to get over there for a conference. I always love to travel…


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yaron gamburg

Dear Steve,
You are welcome to come whenever you can! Regarding the conference on Gov 2.0 – we started to work on it. I’ll keep you updated!
Thanks again for a great talk!


yaron gamburg

To Ari:

Steve was talking to the diplomats in Israel Foreign Ministry who participated in the training program “Diplomacy in the age of Social Media”. The program is organized by our Training Department and I have a privilege to coordinate the program. Thank you for your interest!