Top 5 – Fictional Elected Officials in Movies

Last week’s top 5 got a little on the serious side with the top 5 things we hate about politics so this week we’ll take it a little lighter and move on the silver screen. After-all it is Friday.

When I started making this list I really had no idea there were so many movies tackling the same issues government does. What can I say I guess what we do is pretty dang interesting. But since there is almost an infinite amount of awesome characters to chose from I’d really love to hear your suggestions in the comments section of the thread.

Now on to the list.

5.) Mr. Smith – from Mr. Smith goes to Washington: First off the current day Mr. Smith is probably a tea partier but he’s also pretty inspiring so I’m willing to look past that. Honestly Mr. Smith being filmed in 1939 means that he has stood the test of time and standing up for what you believe in never really gets old.

4.) Andrew Shepard – from the American President: Love and politics don’t normally mix and when they do it’s not normally between to single people but it’s nice to imagine that love can be found on the political circuit.

3.) Bulworth – from Bulworth: Haven’t you always wanted to have a politician tell it like it really is? Well than Bulworth is your man. Not only is this character hilarious but he achieves what a lot of us would like to see out of politician: someone who’s bluntly honest.

2.) Thomas J. Whitmore – from Independence Day: If being the President during the debt ceiling crisis is difficult than what is being the President like when alien invade?

1.) James Marshall – from Air Force One: Harrison Ford doesn’t negotiate with terrorist and neither does America. I’ll agree that the overall performance is lacking here but Marshall gives us maybe the most iconic line in a President movie ever:

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Andrew Krzmarzick

Excellent topic! I’ve got to give a nod to Dave…can’t find a clip for the scene where they tweak the budget to “give every American a job,” but love the line in this clip (“Who does these books? If I ran my business this way, I’d be out of business!”)

Andreas D. Addison

What about Morgan Freeman as President in Deep Impact?

Or Steve Carrell in Evan Almighty.

Or my personal favorite Tom Hanks in Charlie Wilson’s War, which I know is based on a real person but come on, that lifestyle is awesome!

Great topic, I can’t wait to see what others post on this.

Shannon Donelson

I love all of these! I do have to add, going a long with Stephanie’s comment, President Bartlet. Below is one of my favorite speeches/rants of his. He. Is. Awesome.

Avatar photo Bill Brantley

Too much concentration on Federal government. My top five from TV:

1. Sheriff Andy Taylor from the Andy Griffith Show

2 & 3. Chief William Gillespie and Detective Virgil Tibbs from In the Heat of the Night

4. MP Alan Beresford B’Stard from The New Statesman (UK). One of the most delightfully corrupt and evil elected official ever.

5. Senator Hays Stowe from The Bold Ones: The Senator

Paul Homan

Hmm – no women.

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