Top 5: GovLoop Live Chat Rules

Last year we did several live chats on the site and the community really seemed to enjoy them so we’ll be rolling out more and more of them this year.

This post is just a quick “Guide to our Chat Protocol.”

1 – Asking Questions: First off, to avoid overwhelming our confusing the featured chatter (or the moderator!), please ask questions in the private chat to the moderator (normally Steve Ressler, Andy Krzmarzick or Stephen Peteritas).

2 – Side Conversations: We’ve got a great place outside the main box where you can private chat other participants. Just click on the name of a person on the right hand side of the chat box. Once you’ve selected them, an options box appears with 3 options, one of which is private chat. Once you’ve selected private chat it’s as simple as typing your question and hitting send.

3 – Family Show: Let’s keep the chat clean. Opinions and passion are great, but we want to avoid the three p’s: politics, personal attacks and potty mouths.

4 – Timing is Everything: Chats have hard stop times. If it’s a 30 minute chat, it will end at 30 minutes. BUT all unanswered question will be posted to GovLoop discussions by the moderator for future discussion.

5 – Miss It? Don’t Worry: Chats will be archived within a day of completion…and often sooner. Be sure to pay attention at the end of the chat for where to find the archived transcript.

Thanks for participating in our chats – can’t wait to see you at the next one!

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