Top 5 – Reasons You Didn’t Get the promotion

Top 5 – Reasons You Didn’t Get the promotion

I’m writing a little series on Top 5s. I’ll write my top 5s on various topics and I encourage you to write yours.

So you’ve been waiting a long time for a promotion…you applied, interviewed…and got denied.

Here’s the standard 5 reasons you didn’t get the promotion

1 –You’re not the right fit. People aren’t allowed to do it but I do think some prejudice happens (at least subconsciously)
If young, sometimes they think you got more time and can wait. Too old, it’s time for new guard…etc

2 – Want an outsider. Soemtimes a position is designed to get another person working in the organization. An extra body. Promoting internally doesn’t help

3 – They’ve got X set up for it. Sometimes a position is already slotted for someone behind the scenes.

4 – You didn’t sell yourself. Maybe you were too cocky.yes””> Or too shy. But you didn’t give a great pitch on why you should be hired

5 – Someone is actually better mso-hansi-font-family:Cambria;mso-hansi-theme-font:minor-latin;mso-char-type: symbol;mso-symbol-font-family:Wingdings”>mso-symbol-font-family:Wingdings””>J

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Gadi Ben-Yehuda

Um, I can’t tell if #5 is ironic or simply incorrectly encoded.

Let me say, I’ve been on both sides of #3, and it kind of sucks for other applicants. I feel like there should be a code, like ‘if you already have someone in mind for a position, but you are required by law to advertise it anyway, please start the “duties” description with the letter “M.” That, or post seriously constraining KSAs. Like, for a Digital Communications position, list something like:

1. Must be able to manage a large online portfolio, including a Drupal site, multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts, and a WordPress Blog

2. Must know the roster for the 1981 Pittsburgh Pirates

3. Must have 10 years experience in digital communications, including content management, still image editing, and securing rights to audio files.

4. Must include ability to cast the levicorpus charm.

You get the point.