The Top State and Local Stories from 2016

State and local govies have spent the past year tirelessly innovating IT systems and processes. From updating legacy systems to promoting a culture of innovation, state and local governments have worked hard to make 2016 a revolutionary year.

In order to celebrate the year that was and get ready for 2017, State and Local Spotlight is counting down the ten best, most innovative things that happened in state and local government over the past year.

In case you missed it, check out the first seven stories in the countdown here and here.

  1. What You Can Learn from the State of New York

New York’s IT department has spent most of 2016 overcoming barriers to success at the technical and cultural levels. From consolidation and cybersecurity, to the aging workforce, New York has worked hard over the past year to enact more efficient and effective processes. Check out how the state has overcome these challenges and learn some best practices you can implement at your agency.

  1. Cloud Empowers Colorado to Better Serve Citizens

One thing that 2016 didn’t lack was conversations on cloud. Should we stay or should we go? How much should we send? Is the hybrid cloud worth it? Are all discussions that you have probably been a part of at your agency. Fortunately, Colorado spent a lot of time last year making itself a leader in delivering cloud services. Their main goal in doing so is to drive better customer and citizen outcomes to increase satisfaction and engagement. Learn more about their cloud model in this post.

  1. You’re Hired! Cyber Pros Needed

With countless breaches and detected vulnerabilities, 2016 made it clear that state IT departments need to step up their cybersecurity staff game. However, hiring talented cybersecurity professionals is a lot easier said than done, especially at the state and local level. As a result, hiring effective cyber stars has fallen on the shoulders of state CIOs. Check out what some state IT leaders are doing to overcome this challenge.

With the new year finally here, we can’t wait to see what innovative things our favorite state and local govies put together in 2017.

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