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Tracking Deficit Commission with BGOV

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It’s a fact, I’m pretty intrigued by the deficit commission.

Such an important task but so many politics in play.

I’ve been playing around with Bloomberg Government’s newest aggregation tool the last few weeks with a demo account (gearing up for our event on Sep. 21st with them) so I though I’d track what they have to say on the deficit commission.

It was a pretty cool, easy and quick, here is what happened:

  • News: I started with reading a news article from BGOV where they brought together insight and suggestions from the members for the committee recommending that they tackle social security and medicare.
  • People: Next step from the article, I wanted to check out the people on the committee linked from the article. I picked Rob Portman (from my home town) and I was able to quickly see information about him including his twitter handle, phone number, email address and facts (i.e. he is in his first term and up for re-election in 2016).
  • Committee: From Portman’s bio I found a link with a list of committees he participates on. The first committee listed was the Commitee on Deficit Reduction where I found a list of all the members, scheduled hearings, and the staff members. Pretty handy information!

To me that’s Bloomberg Government in a nutshell. You start in one spot set-out to investigate a topic and next thing you know it you’ve clicked 10 times, been to 10 different pages, and you’ve done a deep dive and have seen all the awesome data and information related to the topic quickly and intuitively – something you have to see. do. and learn rather than take my word for it!

Hope to see you on the 21st where we’ll do a great demo and deep dive of core issues.

What do you consistently struggle to find online?

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