Trust Your Gut

Sometimes I waffle between the adolescent teenager who thinks he knows everything to the awkward freshman who thinks he knows nothing.

But I’m coming to a middle ground and what I’ve found along the way is my gut is usually right. Not always but usually.

The only times I’ve been wrong is when I was slightly worried about taking a risk and my gut told me to do it but was worried. It always turned out good.

So dear “gut”…as you grow in size, I hope you grow in wisdom. I’ll trust ya.

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Robert Wallin

The gut experience is what is keeping our decision-making teams on track. As in the Dynamic Agenda style of management, the best idea wins, and it is usually the one coming from gut instincts.

Emi Whittle

Truth is we all really know a lot less and a lot more than we think we do! 🙂 I would only add a part 2 to the gut thinking… YES, I do believe it is very important to recognize the “gut” feeling. There is almost always trouble of some sort when that feeling is ignored. I think it is our body’s way of telling us that IT recognizes a similarity or pattern that we don’t consciously see. However, Part 2, equally important then is to listen to the thoughts surrounding the gut feeling…. we need to know why we are having our “gut” feeling – learning how to evaluate one’s own thoughts and feelings in relation to our past, present, and then checking them with evidence in reality is perhaps one of the most valuable skills we can learn…. sometimes our guts have “knees” and knee-jerk reactions based on unfounded fear…. sometimes our gut is the clarity that says our brain is having irrational fears getting in the way of goals we can really reach… and perhaps there is something to be said for the location – our “gut” is in the Middle – and indeed, middle ground is often the way to go – learning to balance with our newly acquired gut – that is another challenge! 🙂

My other thought is that its not always knowing everything or knowing nothing in and of itself that matters…. but the maturity to know how to handle it when you do know things and when you don’t know things – to handle both with confidence and humility and patience. 🙂

4 cents for the day…. 🙂