Two NextGen Summits for the Price of One

As 2020 comes to a close, public servants are looking back at all they accomplished over the past year—a transition to remote work, providing critical services in the midst of a pandemic, and learning new protocols and operational guidelines seemingly overnight.

But for many govies, working on their professional development had to be moved to the back burner this year, as trainings were canceled and more urgent priorities arose.

The good news is we’ve got a special offer that can help you with your professional development both now and later. Register for the 2021 NextGen Government Virtual Training Summit before the end of the year, and we’ll give you free access to the entire 2020 Summit on demand.

That’s an incredible wealth of relevant trainings, inspiring keynotes and dynamic speakers, all at your fingertips and at your convenience.

You’ll get access to sessions like:

  • How to Navigate Change and Transition in Government
  • You’re Being Audited: Deep Dive Into Your Personal Brand
  • Resilient Leadership: How to Lead in Difficult Times
  • How to Manage Your Manager

We know it’s been a tough year, but we also know that dedicated public servants like you are constantly looking for ways to learn and grow—so we thought we’d make this offer as a way to help you do both.

Pass this offer along to your friends and colleagues, register yourself, or register a group from your agency, and we’ll look forward to seeing you virtually in 2021!


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