Using Contact Center-as-a-Service Technology for Better CX

As cloud contact center offers mature, organizations are starting to consolidate to a singleContact Center-as-a-Service (CCaaS) provider for operations in multiple regions.

CCaaS providers who offer SaaS-based applications can enable customer service organizations to manage multichannel customer interactions holistically from both a customer-experience and an employee-experience perspective.

By 2024, contact center as a service (CCaaS) solutions that include functionality from all four pillars of customer service technology will represent 70% of all new CCaaS deployments, up from 20% in 2019.

CCaaS solutions are largely systems of differentiation. They enable an adaptive, flexible delivery model with native capabilities across the four pillars of great customer service and productized integrations with partner solutions through application marketplaces.

The core capability of a CCaaS solution is:

  • Getting connected — Focusing on delivering a channel-agnostic, architected design to create customer service journeys, including intelligent self-service. Services are consumed on a per seat, per concurrent user or transaction basis.

The optional capabilities of a CCaaS solution are:

  • Process orchestration — Supporting increasingly complex and personalized customer engagements
  • Resource management — Developing and maintaining engaged and empowered staff based on the understanding that engaged employees power a stronger customer experience
  • Knowledge and insight — Delivering customer and operational insights and recommending next best actions across all functional groupings.

CCaaS solutions are used by customer service and telemarketing centers, employee service and support centers, help desk service centers, and other types of structured communications operations. They are now the go-to technology for most organizations looking to procure for sub-500 seat contact center environments.

They are also starting to be deployed in multithousand seat environments, even though these may comprise multiple smaller entities. This reflects the desire by customer service organizations to consolidate multiple stand-alone environments and move forward with a single, strategic supplier. CCaaS solutions are typically deployed as an integral part of a broader customer service and support technology ecosystem.

This blog post is an excerpt from a partner spotlight report, “ Magic Quadrant for Contact Center as a Service.” 

Genesys is a leader in this Magic Quadrant, the Genesys Cloud is a specialized CCaaS platform offered to organizations through a mix of direct sales and channel partner relationships, which vary between geographical regions. To view the full research and assess the best-fit provider for your geographic and functional requirements, download the full report here.

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