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Using Performance Analytics to Gain Powerful Insights

Every organization wants to make better business decisions. But sometimes it’s difficult to get visibility into the right data to make the right impact and align with wider business goals.

With real-time visibility on what’s happening at the strategic, operational, and individual level within an organization, everyone can access the right information to make better decisions. And agents can utilize in-depth views within each service ticket to see the impact of decisions. Performance analytics is the engine for agencies to use data-driven insights to make better choices.

What is Performance Analytics?

Having complete analytics visibility provides the foundation on which to drive continuous improvement in IT service delivery. Performance Analytics puts the power of data into the hands of service agents and managers, so they can make smarter decisions and deliver great experiences.

When does it help?

IT teams routinely categorize, assign, and route service desk tickets—and even resolve routine requests. But there are always issues that require the support of live agents. Because everyone has different knowledge and experience, decisions are made in different ways. Often there’s no single or shared view on the best or fastest way to resolve an issue. Providing managers with an objective way to help agents make fact-based decisions would be helpful, but it needs to be easy to understand, efficient to use, and still keep pace in a fast-changing service world.

How does it work?

Performance Analytics embeds analytics into the platform that agents use every day, giving them real-time visibility and 360° insight into past, present, and future performance. Agents get access to trusted, actionable data within their existing service platform— insights that improve decision making and service quality. Managers get a secure and simple view of agent performance against key metrics and KPIs. This information can be used to optimize IT processes and align with overall enterprise goals.

Boost the power of Performance Analytics with KPI Composer

Often analytics projects fail or run over budget because the stakeholders who were supposed to use the analytics dashboards failed to agree on what indicators to measure. KPI Composer, which is a free add-on to Performance Analytics, visually maps organizational objectives and business outcomes to measurements. KPI Composer ensures that an organization’s performance management strategy aligns with business goals and has support from executive sponsors before beginning any technical configurations.

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