Welcome the New Faces on GovLoop Team

I’ve been blogging a lot lately on GovLoop, but haven’t been blogging as much about the behind the scenes work going on the GovLoop side.

It’s been really amazing. There have been a ton of great changes in the last 6 months including:
– D.C. office space – located near the White House, where we make the magic happen. Stop by if you around as we’d love to host you and take a photo for our sweet photo board
– Had our 1st intern – Attia Nasar, who kicked butt
– Added Stephen Peteritas to the team, our online producer, mastering those sweet photos in the carousel, those great newsletters, and new initiatives like city-based groups.
– Launched a bunch of new features – comments in emails, per diem calculator, GovUps, with a bunch more coming (new iphone app and member features)
Well, I’m excited as we have 4 new faces that just started on the GovLoop team and I wanted to share with the community.
And yes…we’ve tipped the male/female ratio…
First off, Lauren Modeen, who many may be familiar with as she writes a great blog on GovLoop and has been active in the Gov 2.0 scene in her previous role as Marketing Manager, Computech and Social Media Chair for YAFCEA Bethesda. She’s joining us full-time today as Manager of Online Strategy, where she will be bringing her creative skills in helping government succeed in their online community management activities (like our Census GovLoop group).

Second, we have an amazing trio of GovLoop fellows/interns for the fall semester.
Shannon Donelson, recent Auburn grad in Communications, huge Auburn football fan, social media guru, and DC newbie.

Julia Tanasic, Master’s student at Syracuse University Maxwell School, Fullbright Fellow, formerly of World Economic Forum, and recent Potbelly sandwich convert.

Judy Siegel, Master’s student at University of Texas, MS in Human-Computer Interaction, Code for America finalist, former fellow at DNC Innovation Lab…(NOTE – She is not actually Judge Judy)

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Heather Coleman

I look forward to seeing where this group takes GovLoop and hopefully meet all of them at some point. I know Lauren will rock it out with the online strategy!

Julia Tanasic

Very excited to be on board! And I do admit I had the weirdest salat ever (sweet and salty) at Potbelly’s. NOTE to my DC experience: stick with the flagship product! Sandwich it is.

Jay S. Daughtry, ChatterBachs

Welcome to all! I look forward to seeing even more great things from GovLoop (oh, sorry, Steve… I meant to say ‘I look forward to seeing even more ‘awesome’ things from GovLoop). Let me know if I may be of service to you.

Shannon Donelson

So excited to be here! Already experiencing GovLoop awesomeness and can’t wait for more! After a 12 year absence from the DC Metro Area, I’m back and finding myself falling in love with this city all over again! And yes, Steve did not exaggerate, I am an all things Auburn/Auburn Football FANATIC. War Eagle! Thank you for the warm welcome!

Terrence (Terry) Hill

Welcome GovLoopers! Glad to see that you have balanced the gender distribution. I love the new per diem calculator! Can’t wait to see other useful apps in the future. It’s too bad I still can’t access GovLoop at work!

Caryn Wesner-Early

Welcome! Ladies, I want to invite you to join the best tech group anywhere – DC WebWomen. Anyone who’s doing anything with social media, digital publishing, pretty much anything techie (and is female) needs to join! It’s free, and the most helpful bunch (other than GovLoop!) that you’ll ever find. Go to http://www.dcwebwomen.org for information and to join. Hope to encounter you on the list!